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Earthen Acres - What it is

Earthen Acres

This 9.5 acres of agricultural land is located in Cymmer (old coal mining town in) South Wales spread over coal seams these 7 parcels of land are rich with biodiversity.

EARTHEN ACRES CIC Benefitting primarily

1. Black African Heritage peoples primarily as a subset of the intentionally underdeveloped Global Majority/BIPOC community

2. Local residents and businesses of Cymmer, Neath Port Talbot and South Wales

3. Individuals, Groups, Families with an interest in business/work opportunities within permaculture, agriculture, green therapy, holistic land work, healing and, stewardship

we will be...

Creating and maintaining a nature conservation project in South Wales UK with a Holistic Healing + Nature Museum - Securing the acreage available which already has pre-existing wildflowers, wildlife, small woodland, nature trails etc and creating productive elements a pond, small orchard, office, private group learning space etc Providing culturally respectful and relevant education - This will be around land work, nature-based teachings, historical practices, zoology, botany and, human well-being, conservation and sustainability. Creating and maintaining a space within or attached to the reserve to be used as a green retreat space and outdoor sports base.

     This conservation will maintain/increase biodiversity and improve air quality for locals and tourists in light of the new $250m Afan Valley 325acre resort currently being built with a 900 space car park for 2027 Access to nature that is a safe space for all our beneficiary groups Access and exposure to conferences courses events and networks that have not previously been inclusive for beneficiary groups 1 and 2 as well as work pathways and business opportunities that are often elusive for those belonging to all 3 beneficiary groups Free and or affordable courses and workshops Create a support network amongst all our beneficiaries Provide relevant and specialised employment and work experience opportunities Create business opportunities and support existing business (particularly from our 3 beneficiary groups) that need support with exposure and building experience Offer selective support with staffing and skilled workers Provide an incubative space for BIPOC/BAH eco communities, agricultural cooperatives, grass root think tanks etc       The green retreat and outdoor sports base will be supporting the interaction of marginalised groups with outdoor spaces in a way that promotes individual and collective health Create an opportunity for consistent access to nature spaces and fitness for free, encouraging networking and practically supporting good well being and mental health for some of the most at risk people groups. Provide opportunity for all 3 beneficiary groups to not only become practitioners and deliver their own well being workshops but to also conduct quality research (and development) We will improve (the provision of and) access to holistic and nature-based services and facilitate a deep(er) connection with nature and responsibility to the global community.

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