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Earthen Acres - When is it

Annual Schedule

For a full scope of what is taking place on our Earthen Acres join our mailing list.

we have a range of things happening over this year whether you are a bird watching goroup, homeschooling family, horticultural scientist and growers, a local hobbyist or a CIC looking to collaborate or organise a green therapy trip!

2023 schedule

JANUARY KIKI's Farm proposal accepted

FEBRUARY KIKI's Farm contract negotiations

MARCH Seed Swap and Conservation project launch

APRIL Observation, Bird watching, events

MAY Bee Events and courses

JUNE Cymmer (wildlife/nature) culture competition

JULY Community nature days/events/camp

AUGUST Observation Nature watch/wild camping

SEPTEMBER Science and Nature

OCTOBERTree Labelling Prep for 2024

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